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Imagine this : 10 years, 10 major tournaments, 9 knockout matches, and 9 heartbreaking losses. It’s hard to believe, but even the team with the mightiest fanbase worldwide has struggled to claim a single tournament victory in the past decade.And recently, in the World Test Championship final against Australia, India missed out on the chance to make history as the first team to win all ICC tournaments.

Imagine, a decade filled with opportunities – 10 tournaments and 9 chances to claim the crown. Yet, every time the crucial knockout stages arrived, disappointment followed. It’s a heart-wrenching statistic for fans who’ve stood by the team through thick and thin. This stark reality prompts us to delve into the heart of the matter, analyzing the what, why, and how of Team India’s performance in the biggest stages of the cricketing world.

2014 T-20 World Cup At Sher-e-Bagla

Rewinding back to the thrilling 2014 T20 World Cup finals, India found themselves facing a formidable challenge from Sri Lanka, who clinched victory with 6 wickets in hand. Amidst the excitement, one player shone brighter than the rest – Virat Kohli. His remarkable batting prowess not only set the cricketing stage ablaze but also earned him the well-deserved title of Man of the Tournament. Kohli’s bat wielded magic, making him the leading run scorer of the tournament and a standout in a sea of talent.

2015 ODI Cricket World Cup At Sydney

Let’s turn back the clock to the 2015 World Cup showdown. Australia delivered a stinging blow to India, clinching victory by a margin of 95 runs. This defeat stung even more because India had triumphed in every match leading up to the semi-finals. Amidst the cricketing drama, one name stood out like a beacon – Steve Smith. He played the role of hero, crafting an impressive 105-run performance that etched his name into the pages of history.

2016 T-20 World Cup At Wankhede

Virat Kohli showcased his brilliance, earning the coveted title of the tournament’s MVP. However, the semi-finals proved to be a tough hurdle for India, as they suffered a setback, losing by 7 wickets to the West Indies. The West Indies went on to clinch victory against England in the final, emerging as the ultimate champions.

But the moment that remains etched in cricketing memory was when Carlos Brathwaite defied all odds. Smashing four astonishing sixes off Ben Stokes in the final over. It was a jaw-dropping display of power and nerve that elevated Carlos to instant hero status.

2017 Champions Trophy At The Oval

An India-Pakistan final is a dream come true for every cricket fan, an electric clash of rivals on the grandest stage. Yet, this dream encounter morphed into a haunting nightmare for Indian cricket enthusiasts.

A heart-wrenching saga unfolded with Bumrah’s unfortunate no-ball, Faqar Zaman’s awe-inspiring century, and the fateful run-out of Hardik Pandya. A defeat etched so deeply that it remains eternally etched in the hearts of all Indian fans, a moment that time cannot erase.

2019 ODI Cricket World Cup At Old Trafford

A moment that echoed across a billion hearts: the collective breaking as MS Dhoni was run out. The memory is etched in time, destined to never fade away. His run-out marked a pivotal turning point in the match, and its impact was profound – leading to India’s eventual loss. This is a moment that cricket history will forever hold, a story of a billion hopes dashed in an instant.

2019-2021 World Test Championship At Southampton

“The curtain rose on the inaugural World Test Championship final, a showdown between India and New Zealand. However, it was New Zealand who found their stride, clinching a comfortable victory that left a mark.

2022 T-20 World Cup At Adelaide Oval

Enter the scene: the 2022 T20 World Cup at Adelaide Oval. However, this time, it was England who stole the spotlight with a dominating victory. India’s bowlers struggled to make an impact, failing to secure a single wicket. The England batsmen orchestrated a seamless chase, effortlessly reaching the target. It was a display of cricketing prowess that left India grappling for answers.

2021-2023 World Test Championship At The Oval

Taking us to the present day, a recent cricketing chapter unfolded – Australia’s resounding victory over India by a staggering 209 runs. This triumph didn’t just mark a win; it etched Australia’s name in cricketing history as the first nation to claim all ICC titles. It’s a feat that resonates across the cricketing universe, signifying an era of dominance and achievement for the Australian team.

2023 ODI Cricket World Cup At Ahmedabad

In a heartbreaking turn of events, India faced yet another defeat in the knockout stage of the cricket World Cup. Despite dominating the group stage with an impressive record of winning all nine matches, the team fell short when it mattered most – in the finals. The journey to the championship match was paved with success, making India the most successful team throughout the World Cup. However, the heartbreak of losing in the final left fans and players alike with a sense of disappointment.

Australia won the final by 6 wickets.

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