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Longest Six in Cricket History: Cricket is a game of boundaries, but some shots go way beyond the usual. Let’s dive into the thrilling world of these extraordinary hits!

1.Shahid Afridi || 153 meters vs. South Africa

shahid afridi six

Shahid Afridi, the cricketing dynamo, is known for his explosive power and record-breaking moments. While he once held the title for the fastest ODI century in just 37 balls, it’s his colossal six that still echoes through cricket history.

In 2013, Afridi unleashed a thunderous 153-meter six against South Africa, officially the longest in cricket history.Picture this: it happened in the 35th over, with Afridi already smashing 12 runs in just four deliveries. The pressure was on, and the result was this monumental hit. It’s a story that cricket fans will tell for generations, a testament to Afridi’s legendary talent and the sheer excitement of the sport.

2.Brett Lee || 130 meters vs. WI

brett lee six

Brett Lee, the speedster known for his fiery deliveries, surprised everyone with an incredible six that etched his name in cricketing lore. While he’s celebrated for his bowling, it’s his colossal shot against the West Indies that still resonates.

Picture this: the ball he smacked during a Test match at the Gabba in 2005 didn’t just clear the boundary; it sailed over the stands and into the practice nets. The jaw-dropping distance? Around 130-135 meters! Even Lee himself couldn’t believe the sheer power he unleashed. This shot, a testament to his extraordinary talent, remains a shining moment in cricket history.

“It just felt pretty good… I almost got cleaned up with the other bullet and it missed my throat by a centimetre. If the ball’s there to hit, and they keep bowling short and then you try to have a crack at one, it just came off the middle,” Brett Lee said after the match.

3.Martin Guptill || 127 meters vs South Africa

martin guptil six

Martin Guptill, the power-packed Kiwi, is no stranger to delivering cricketing thrills with his colossal hits. In a T20I showdown against South Africa in 2012, he unfurled what could easily be the greatest six of his career. Facing Lonwabo Tsotsobe, Guptill sent the ball soaring a jaw-dropping 127 meters over the mid-wicket boundary. The ball didn’t just clear the stadium; it struck the roof before making its descent. This epic shot firmly secures Guptill’s place among the cricketing giants in the list of longest sixes in history.

4.Liam Livingstone || 122 meters vs. Pakistan

liam livingston six

Liam Livingstone, the English dynamo known for his explosive batting in shorter formats, left cricket fans awestruck with an astonishing hit. During the second T20I clash against Pakistan at Headingley in 2021, Livingstone sent a cricket ball soaring into the skies. How far did it go, you ask? An incredible 122 meters! It was a hit so monumental that it flew right out of the stadium. This shot stands tall as one of the most colossal sixes ever witnessed in international cricket, securing Livingstone’s place among the cricketing greats.

5.Corey Anderson || 122 meters vs. India

corey andreson six

Corey Anderson made headlines with his explosive batting prowess. Holding the record for the fastest ODI century during his prime, Anderson was unstoppable. One unforgettable moment was in the first ODI against India in 2014 when he unleashed a huge six. Facing Mohammed Shami, he launched the ball an astonishing 122 meters, marking it as one of cricket’s mightiest hits ever recorded. This remarkable feat occurred during the first ODI between New Zealand and India at Napier, where Anderson sent the ball over the square leg boundary, ultimately landing it on the stadium’s roof.

6.Mark Waugh || 120 meters vs. New Zealand

mark waugh six

Mark Waugh, often overshadowed by his twin brother Steve, is an unsung hero in Australian cricket history. Although he’s not typically associated with massive hits, he delivered a memorable moment during New Zealand’s 1997 tour of Australia. Facing Daniel Vettori at the WACA, he stunned everyone by sending the ball soaring an incredible 120 meters down the ground. For a cricketer known for his precise timing and placement, this feat was truly extraordinary.

7.Yuvraj Singh || 119 meters vs. Australia

yuvraj singh

Yuvraj Singh, fondly known as Yuvi among cricket aficionados, is not just a cricketing legend but a record-breaker as well. In the 2007 T20 World Cup, he etched his name in history with a remarkable feat. Facing Brett Lee in a high-octane India vs. Australia semi-final, Yuvraj unleashed a colossal 119-meter six. This shot still resonates as one of the longest-ever recorded in cricket history.


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